UK-based singer-songwriter.

Rxth (pronounced Ruth) is a UK based singer-songwriter, writing music for people who think and feel ‘too much’.

Stylistically alt-pop, meets singer-songwriter, with sultry vocals, beats, and heart.

Influences such as Kate Bush, Trent Reznor, Billie Eilish, and Portishead reveal themselves in subtle and contrasting ways. Sonically dancing between the light and the dark, the alt and the pop, the ‘sass’ and the vulnerable.

Rxth’s lyrical themes range from emotional explorations, human nature, and self-reflection, to questions of consciousness and where we came from.

With a keen interest in the big questions in life, her influences extend beyond personal and musical, to include thought leaders in the field of consciousness and the evolution of mind, body & spirit, which adds an interesting dimension and perspective to her lyrics.

Captivated by themes of transformation and the power of the mind, Rxth’s aim is that her music leaves you better than it found you and to remind you that you aren’t alone with your big feelings and big questions.


Campaign Highlights:

* Radio airplay on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey shows for new, emerging and under the radar music artists. Presented by Melita Dennett.

* Featured Artist on BBC Introducing: The South

* Radio airplay on The Pete Jones Show – Radio Reverb (local Brighton radio station)

* Print: interviewed and featured in The Mid-Sussex Times.

* Online: ‘Beauty in the Spaces’ by RXTH was included in Songwriting Magazine’s ‘Songs of the Quarter’ list.

* Interview in Sussex World

“Darren is honest and direct and genuinely cares about the projects he chooses to take on, so does everything he can to make them a success.”
RXTH - singer-songwriter


Down By The River

Released: 20/12/20 -
Emotive track 'Down by the River' released with a beautiful black and white music video.
"What started off as a love song to someone else became a love song of self-acceptance". - Rxth.
This live, piano, vocal, and guitar recording captures a rawness that will no doubt resonate with all those that, like Rxth, feel too much.

Beauty In The Spaces

Released: 21/01/21 -
'Beauty in the Spaces' sees dark-pop synths, beats, and hope, woven together with lyrics that touch on current uncertain times, and taking us on a journey into the refreshing unknown.
The was released with a beautifully animated lyric video, mirroring themes of transformation and transcendence.


Released: 02/07/21 -
UK talent, Rxth, writes music for people interested in the big questions, like ‘Why are we here?’ and ‘Are we alone?’ Braveheart is a delicious slice of upbeat pop for grown-ups.
'Braveheart' is sassy, poppy and an ode to the good souls and Bravehearts.
The single comes with a music video that is quite literally 'out of this world'.


Released: 01/07/22 -
Singer-songwriter Rxth delivers a positive message of self-love to all women on new single Starlight.
“It’s a reminder that we’re all a work in progress and not only is that okay, it’s as it should be,” says Rxth.
“Our individual journeys of growth are unique, sacred and beautiful. Even the hard stuff”.

Songs for Wanderers

Released: 11/11/22 -
Five track EP - 'Songs for Wanderers' includes two new songs and an alternate version of 'Braveheart'.
Manifesting touches of Massive Attack, Wanderer features Rxth’s dreamy vocals atop otherworldly cosmic vibes.
Jeremy D’s invitation to “wake up” punctuate the dreamscape – think Baz Luhrmann over languid Billie Eilish beats.