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Darren Haynes specialises in propelling creative brands, musicians, and artists into the limelight.

Through strategic marketing and communications, his mission is to help you make a spectacle of yourself. He’ll make people look, listen and notice YOU.


“Darren is honest and direct and genuinely cares about the projects he chooses to take on, so does everything he can to make them a success.”

“My new website is absolutely amazing!!!!! This is sooooo great, it's making me blush. I can't get over the fantastic job you have done. Thank you again and again and again."

Rochelle McConnachie

Not Your Usual Hired Help

Darren Haynes is unlike any other freelancers or agency you’ve worked with.

Darren’s approach allows a chance to develop unique ideas with – and for – YOU that tell YOUR story.

A natural empath, Darren understands the genuine, sensitive person behind the creativity. With a rich background in music, entertainment, art and events, he knows how to promote your creativity and build YOUR successful brand, without heavy-handed, bully-boy tactics.

His expertise spans a range of creative fields, including music, art, entertainment, events, restaurants, lifestyle and publishing.

Cups of tea today
Expletives uttered today
How many miles we'd walk

Supporting creators on their journey ... every day

Currently based in Dubai, (with one foot and leg still in London), Darren thrives on sunshine, and a passion for the arts and popular culture. His client base stretches from the Middle East to Europe, the USA and the UK, making him a truly global marketing and communications consultant.

You might as well know from the off … he likes to steer clear of marketing waffle, fluff and bullshit.

Every project Darren takes on is as unique as the people behind them. He recognises that creativity comes from the heart and tailors his approach to suit his client’s attitude and ambition, whether an old friend or a new face.

Empathy is at the core of everything Darren does. He builds genuine relationships with his clients, whether they’re startups, individual creative types or bigger brands.

Collaboration is his secret sauce. Sure, he can do it for you, but it’s always better when you do it together.

Why Do I Do It?

This video captures me strolling through the Dubai desert. For many artists, this symbolises their ‘road’. Unlike McCartney’s long and winding road, it might not always twist and turn, but the path to success can often be long and lonely. I’ll be right there beside you; ready to hold your hand when needed, and support you every step of your creative journey.

Darren Haynes

People Talk

We’re not trying to sell you our services; we don’t need to!
Here are some lovelies that can do the hard work for us.

“Darren is a rare breed – a communications professional who actually knows what he’s talking about and how to brief a journalist without resorting to the usual bullshit we hear all too often.”
Zoe Kleinman
BBC presenter, reporter & broadcast journalist
“A consummate professional, Darren can turn his hand to most things and my goodness if you ever need a man with a strong knowledge of music in your pub quiz team – he’s a must!”
Sophia Armitage-Chilcott
Music Editor & Entertainment Journalist, Entertainment News, UBC Media
“Darren has the rare qualities of great charm and wit combined with creativity, excellent organisational skills and determination to succeed. He’s a winner – especially when the odds are against him.”
Nigel Nathan
Former Managing Director – Olympia London
“I’ve always enjoyed working with Darren and found him to be friendly, efficient and totally reliable. He's got a great knowledge of both the music and general entertainment industry.”
Sharon Lacey
Reviews Editor, Home Entertainment Week Magazine
“In an ever-shifting landscape of social media trends, Darren is a God-send. With his expertise, he knows how to navigate clear paths to organic results and brings fantastic insight and creative ideas to the table. We'd be lost without him.”
Lesley Wright
Founder - iamCrü
“Darren has been an instrumental part of our social media growth and engagement strategy over the past year. He's very easy to work with and always accessible.”

Vipul Patel
Former Managing Partner - DubaiLAD
“I am delighted to enthusiastically recommend Darren Haynes for a position regarding knowledge of popular music. I know from experience that Darren is one of the most capable people in this area. His enthusiasm for music, and his interest in and knowledge of pop trivia, is unsurpassed. Furthermore, Darren is a reliable individual with good work habits..”
Paul Gambaccini
Radio & TV presenter and author
I have worked with many marketing and social media agencies. Many have promised what they can do but none have matched what Darren attained. He addressed my social media and marketing challenges. There was never any need to chase or follow up, he just got on with it and the results speak for themselves. He was also there for any advice or tips, and always testing different platforms and strategies for the benefit of my agency. I would highly recommend Darren for any of your marketing needs.”
Tobie Allen
CEO - Ma'ana Music

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Combining the artistry and intuition of traditional marketing with the precision of data science in the digital age. Our expertise lies in crafting and executing integrated marketing campaigns and strategies to effectively deliver your objectives.

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Reach your audience where they spend their time online. Social media platforms serve as powerful tools to promote your brand and showcase your products or services.

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Behind every great artist is a great team. We have the knowledge and capability to guide you through every step of your professional development, turning your aspirations of success into reality, wherever you are on your artistic journey.

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Captivate potential customers with compelling content and engaging copywriting. Darren and his talented team of creators specialise in crafting written, audio, and visual content customised to embody the essence of your brand.

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With extensive experience in designing, managing, and implementing all types of gigs, events, festivals, award ceremonies, and exhibitions, Darren specialises in offering and developing original marketing and communications strategies that are both unique and perfectly aligned with your brand.

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