With nearly three decades working in and around the music industry in the UK and the Middle East, I’ve been labelled a music industry ‘stalwart’ – a term as odd and ugly as it is fitting.

An out-of-the-blue job offer led me to the UAE in 2015, where I’ve lent my marketing expertise to various entertainment entities, including MAC Global, where I’m currently responsible for marketing and communications. Over the past two years, under the MAC Global banner, I’ve promoted gigs and concerts in four countries, 14 venues, and in three of the four Emirates.

Back in the UK, as an incessant champion of songwriters and composers, I worked at PRS for Music to ensure they got paid royalties for their creativity. I was a member of the BRIT Awards Voting Academy (2001-2015) and have organised events such as the Ivor Novello Awards to recognise songwriters for their craft. I’ve created official music charts; launched a London-based radio station and created content for TV shows, all in the name of promoting and amplifying musical talent.

On the recording side of the industry, I’ve worked for two iconic studios, including Sir George Martin’s legendary AIR Studios, where I rubbed shoulders with the likes of George Michael, Muse, Coldplay, Sir Paul McCartney, Danny Elfman, and Hans Zimmer (pardon the clang of the name drops).

Writing about music is a passion. I’ve been published in numerous blogs and I’ve wielded the editor’s pen for two music magazines. I’ve been personally acknowledged in music biographies for Take That, The Killers and The Wonder Stuff too.

As a music researcher, I’ve contributed to several books including ‘NME Top 100 Singles’, where I unveiled the best-selling singles since UK charts began. I even wrote 5,000 music-related questions for a TV-advertised Pop Quiz DVD. And yes, sometimes I can be handy in the music round of a pub quiz. Invite me along.