Haywards Heath singer-songwriter Rxth is back with her debut EP

Haywards Heath singer-songwriter Rxth is back with her debut EP, a new set of five songs written especially for “Wanderers, Starseeds, Seekers” and people who, like her, “feel too much.”

By Phil Hewitt, SUSSEX WORLD
Published: 5 January 2023

The Songs For Wanderers EP draws inspiration from the book The Ra Material. As Rxth explains: “The book The Ra Material describes Wanderers as old souls coming back to earth to help bring light during tumultuous times. I was already interested in mystical and esoteric themes so I wanted to play with those concepts and write music that alludes to feelings of isolation, alienation, how the world can be a bit harsh sometimes; the struggle with waking up to yourself; the reality of life and being here.” The EP package includes two previously unreleased tracks (Wanderer and Hard To Be Human), an alternative version of Braveheart plus the two tracks Beauty In The Spaces and Starlight. Expect touches of Massive Attack, Portishead, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Billie Eilish and one of Rxth’s personal favourites Nine Inch Nails, she says.

“I have done three singles and now this is a five-track EP. I had meant to release it earlier, to be honest. The last two years have been so weird. It was held up by various things like Covid and so on but the timing really now is that everything has just come together finally. The book The Ra Material is about channelled material when something else is being communicated through a person. A person is speaking but it’s not necessary coming from them, just in the way that a medium is a channel for something else. The book is quite out there but it’s got some really interesting concepts and some really lovely inspirations. It talks about there being high-density entities that are out there for our best interests. And I really do like to think that there are entities like that, like guardian angels. I do think we are multi-dimensional. I think that the world makes a lot more sense if we see it from a multi-dimensional perspective and I love the thought that there are higher-density entities that are cheering us on. It is about different levels of consciousness. Animals would be 2D but we are 3D with our self-awareness and there are higher densities beyond that.”

Rxth believes we see the intervention of those higher-density entities when we have synchronicity in our lives: “I mean when something happens which is quite unusual or exceptional and it’s like a little sign, when things just fall into place or get nudged in a particular direction or just really when we’re in the right place at the right time against all the odds and things just turn out right. I do think lots of people have those experiences and it’s a nice concept, a comforting concept.” There are five songs on the EP: Wanderer has themes of an ‘old soul’ waking up to a tumultuous earth and trying to remember who they are; Beauty in the Spaces touches on the benefits of acceptance and letting go of the past when it comes to finding ourselves; Braveheart is about wanting to connect deeply; Hard to be Human is about the ‘dark night of the soul’, shadow-work, healing, and the challenges of being human; and Starlight reminds us that we are all ‘starlight’ turning into something beautiful.