Who Deserves To Be On The UAE Music Power List 2021?

Our local music industry heroes deserve more recognition. So we’re launching the UAE Music Power List to honour the creative talent and business minds helping the UAE’s music scene evolve. iamCrü’s Music Power List is a celebration of the dedicated individuals driving the country’s music and nightlife industry forward.

Like elsewhere, it’s been a tough year for the music industry here in the UAE. Which is all the more reason to acknowledge the forward-thinking professionals shaping our scene in times of adversity.


Now here’s the fun bit… We want your input. iamCrü readers can nominate their local music industry heroes for our UAE Music Power List 2021. From favourite local artists, DJs and promoters to behind the scenes innovators and changemakers, who do you think deserves a place on the list?

Dancefloor to Boardroom

“The Covid-19 pandemic hit the music industry around the world hard,” said iamCrü’s Editor-in-Chief Lesley Wright. “As we come out the other side, iamCrü’s UAE Music Power List is our way of acknowledging the amazing talent working within the industry here in the UAE. And we don’t just mean the great local DJs and artists who pull in crowds. The list will honour those behind the scenes too. From the dancefloor to the boardroom, a great many talented people make the UAE’s music and nightlife scene incredibly exciting. It’s time they were properly acknowledged.”

“Community is very important to the iamCrü team. We hope our Power List brings the local industry together to celebrate its strengths. Furthermore, we want to send a signal to the world that the UAE has its own thriving music scene that is not primarily dependent on imported ventures.”


Got someone in mind? iamCrü is welcoming nominations now. Simply nominate your local music industry hero here. The nomination process closes on Thursday 28th October. We will publish our UAE Music Power List later this year.

Photo: Dominic Hampton/Unsplash

The UAE Power List Revealed

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