VH1 Chart Madness

Album, Download, Album Rewind, Rock and Ultimate – VH1’s got ‘em all…

As the channel that launched the first ever UK Album Chart show, if there is one thing we instinctively understand at VH1 it is that our viewers love charts & countdowns.

In this Martini multi-media age of ‘any time, any place, any where’ finding the space to stay abreast of the latest & the best in music can seem like a full time occupation, but from autumn 2006 VH1 intends to make the world a little less complicated.
Teaming up with The Official UK Charts Company, October sees the channel return to its musical heartland for a one-stop shop of definitive count down shows across the week.

The Official Album Chart
VH1 premiere every Tuesday at 20.00 (repeats Wednesday 10.00 – 15.00 + TMF)
With television’s weekly premier of the official sales data The Album Chart Show will be the first choice destination for music fans, with its mix of interviews, reviews, news, live performances and competitions. Hosted by VH1 & Virgin Radio presenter Sarah Champion.

The Official Download Chart
VH1 premiere every Wednesday at 20.00 (repeats Thursday 10.00 & 15.00 + TMF at 19.00 on Thursdays)
With television’s weekly premier of the official sales data, The Download chart finds Sarah Champion as tour guide on the digital super highway seeking out the latest downloads, coolest web sites and keeping you up to speed with the news, technology, gadgets and info on where, how and what to purchase.

The Official Album Rewind Chart
VH1 premiere every Thursday at 20.00 (repeats Friday 10.00 & 15.00 + TMF)
Hosted by OJ Borg, The Retro Chart takes that week’s album top 20 but from a random music year. Combining news and pop culture trivia from that chosen week, OJ will trawl the channel’s interview archive library for original, fun and insightful nuggets from the likes of the Gallaghers, Robbie, Madonna, Posh, Prince and U2 as well as some the forgotten heroes from pop’s rich tapestry.

The Official Rock Chart
VH1 premiere every Friday at 23.00
The Official Rock Chart sees the channel welcome back its musical prodigal son.
VH1’s original Friday Night Rock Show hosted by the legendary Tommy Vance was an appointment to view for the rock community and no one is better suited to take centre stage for our revamped 11 o’clock slot than XFM DJ and rock aficionado Ian Camfield.
From Maiden to Muse, the Official Rock Chart will be covering the complete rock spectrum with interviews, reviews, news and performances.

The Ultimate Chart Show
VH1 premiere every Saturday 12.00 (repeat Monday 20.00)
Hosted by OJ Borg, The Ultimate Chart Show combines the Album, Download and Retro listings together with a Top 10 movie chart to supply you with all you need to know about the most popular acts, tracks and film facts. If you’ve only one hour available in your busy schedule to catch up on the latest in contemporary music and film, then make VH1’s Ultimate Chart Show your appointment to view.