Fantasy Music Manager

The Fantasy Music Manager game, supported by Xbox 360 and developed in collaboration with GFM, effectively met its objectives of revitalising interest in the UK music charts. By gamifying the experience and encouraging players to interact with a wide spectrum of chart-performing artists, the initiative not only engaged existing music industry professionals but also attracted consumer audiences too.


The UK music charts had experienced a notable decline in public interest, largely due to shifts in music consumption.
The rise of illegal digital music downloading began to undermine the traditional metrics of chart success, which were historically dominated by physical sales of CDs.
As physical media sales dwindled, the charts struggled to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing musical landscape.


* Partnering with GFM and sponsored by Xbox 360, the strategy involved developing the Fantasy Music Manager game.
* This fantasy league-style game allowed participants to act as virtual music managers, selecting and managing a roster of artists based on their performance in the singles and album charts.
* Players earned points based on their artists' chart positions and achievements, such as reaching No. 1 or appearing on key music TV shows.
* There was a prize fund of £40,000.


To reinvigorate engagement with the UK music charts by creating an interactive and competitive online game that encouraged players to follow a wide range of chart-performing artists.


The game successfully attracted 2,000 players, exceeding initial expectations.
Key outcomes included:
* Increased engagement with the UK music charts among music industry and consumer audiences.
* Broadened interest beyond individual artists to encompass the entire Singles and Albums charts.
* Enhanced visibility of the Official UK Charts Company.
* Positive feedback from players, sponsors, and industry partners.