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In 2002, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Official UK Singles Chart, Darren created a TV-advertised double CD package called “50 Years Of The Greatest Hit Singles“. 

It was remarkable for its time because it included product from all the major labels and was the first time that tracks such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and John Lennon’s “Imagine” had been granted permission for inclusion on a compilation album.

The first CD compilation went on to sell over 300,000 and continued to earn royalties for the songwriters, composers and the Official Charts long after he left the firm.

These are the liner notes:

To be given the opportunity to compile a CD, celebrating 50 years of the Official UK Singles Chart is a music fan’s ultimate labour of love. To limit the selection to just two discs is a troublesome and virtually impossible task – to view the list of the songs that couldn’t be included is almost heartbreaking.

We have, however, carefully selected chart hits covering all moods and a variety of styles from all five (and a bit) decades. The songs on these discs are so familiar that they greet us like old friends – they are, indeed, the tracks of our years.

Taken together, this phenomenal collection of songs has clocked up a total of 900 weeks in the Official Top 75 and includes 32 number one selling singles.

The Official Chart has become the backbone of our entertainment culture, even part of our everyday language and certainly an important part of our cultural heritage.

Anyone growing up in the UK with even a vague interest in music will have fond memories of the music in the Official Charts. It reflects the era to which we belong – ‘date stamping’ us – and the music accompanies us throughout our lives.

For the first time ever, The Official UK Charts Company is proud to present this unique collection of songs – a collection we have called ‘50 Years Of The Greatest Hit Singles’. Indulge yourself in this musical nostalgia fest!

Darren Haynes
The Official UK Charts Company