50 Words For Kate’s Show

What more can be said about Ivor Novello award winner and BASCA member Kate Bush’s recent live performances at Hammersmith Apollo? Is there anything to top ‘perfection’?
In the track ‘50 Words For Snow’, Kate lists fifty fanciful, fictitious and nonsensical words or phrases that Eskimos use to describe snow.
As homage, Darren Haynes presents his Before The Dawn concert experience …

1. Unbelievable truth, a gig announcement
2. Stressful ticket scramble
3. Speed dial; press refresh
4. Palpitation chest explosion
5. Golden ticket confirmed, relief
6. Night before the dawn excitement
7. Impossible sleep, dream of sheep

… Come on man, you’ve got 43 to go,

8. Hammersmithwestbound
9. Aussiesoulmateandguestoftwins
10. Second row, central, anticipation
11. Crowd of thunder roar
12. Pied piper, band congo
13. Barefoot Goddess with long hair
14. Porcelain skin
15. Black tassel jacket
16. “Lily” she sings
17. Vocal perfection; power of song
18. Transfixed, heart attack risk
19. Cheeks full of tears

… Come on now, you’ve got 31 to go,

20. Hounds’ rhythmic audience clap
21. Blinding light show
22. Tearing me asunder. Unaware
23. Storm maker summons tempest
24. Silk waves sink Celtic Deep
25. Tennyson confetti shower
26. Staticky astronomer
27. Black, floating, isolation, drowning
28. Orange life jacket; little light shining
29. Ice skate Kate
30. Booming bass
31. Helicopter search; red buoy flares
32. Skeletal fish people hold her aloft
33. She’s dancing in the aisle, can’t reach to touch
34. Ovation. Breathe

… Come on, you’ve got 16 more to go,

35. Snowflakes on dark barn doors
36. Wooden Tesoro mannequin
37. Prelude, prologue, blackbird song
38. Sky of honey; voice of honey
39. Silk feather ribbon falling
40. Sunset bindi bling
41. Side-stepping Mother Earth
42. Bertie’s Tawny Moon
43. Birch tree piano crash
44. Mystical, magical metamorphosis
45. Sing-a-long:“I’m cloudbusting, Daddy”
46. Speechless, tear stained face
47. Mind blown, emotionally drained
48. Longtime coming; too long to wait
49. Once in a lifetime; worth every penny
50. Overwhelming LOVE