The Unforgettable Choir

The Unforgettable Choir Competition, created by Darren Haynes PRS for Music, successfully met its objectives of educating choirs about music licensing and driving sales of the Limited Manufacture Licence. The campaign not only highlighted the importance of legal music usage but also celebrated and promoted amateur musical talent across the UK.


Launch the first-ever Unforgettable Choir Competition to promote awareness and sales of the Limited Manufacture Licence (LM Licence) among amateur choirs, gospel groups, school and church choirs, as well as choral societies.


Educate: Raise awareness about legitimate music licensing for physical products (CDs and DVDs) among amateur choirs and other target audiences.
Sales: Drive purchase of the LM Licence.


Concept Development
* Name: Inspired by U2's "Unforgettable Fire".
* Logo: Created with WildSky Designs, incorporating PRS for Music’s red colour.
Messaging: Clear and informative, emphasising the importance of the LM Licence.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign
* Email Marketing: Targeted emails to PRS for Music's database.
* Social Media Ads (paid):
* Website: Hosted the competition details and submission guidelines.
* PR and Media Outreach


Competition Success: Approx. 200 entries.
* Engagement: 1,449 click-throughs to the competition webpage.
* Social Media: Significant engagement via Facebook Ads (675 click thrus) and Google Ads (374 click thrus)
* Sales: Increased purchases of LM Licence among amateur choirs.
* Publicity: Widespread media coverage in local newspapers including The Morning Advertiser, Exmouth Journal, Express & Echo, Crediton Gazette, Tiverton Gazette, Western Morning News and Plymouth Herald.